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Regular Maintenance

Everyone needs maintenance. Even if you haven’t ridden for a while, you probably do. Stay on top of the regular service that your bike’s manufacturer specifies. We are really good at this kind of service and do lots of different work including:


  • Oil Changes
  • Brake pads, fluids, rotors, and mounting hardware.
  • Adjustments to brakes, clutch and other parts like belts and chains that wear and stretch.


We stock popular tire sizes and brands for quick turnaround if you have a tire failure.  Tires-ShinkoDunlopMichelinBut we can also order pretty much anything you want. As your tires start to show wear, come by and talk about what you’re going to need.

When we order for you, you don’t worry about getting a tire that won’t balance correctly, or has a flaw. We handle all the quality and will ship back and replace anything that isn’t good. When you add in all the time and effort you spend online, shipping, and running around, you’ll find we are very competitively priced.

Plus, we know about tires. We can give useful advice about the kind of tire that is best for the kind of riding you do. Let us help you when it comes time to replace tires. In fact, come by and talk to us about having the right tire in stock in case you have a flat and need something fast.

V-Twin / Metric

There are a lot of great bikes out there, and depending on what kind of riding you like, different brands may be the best for you. We’re not choosing favorites. We work on many makes of V Twins, and we know lots about them.

V Twin

Yamaha  Honda  Suzuki   Kawasaki  BMW  Ducati  Triumph  Harley Davidson

Repairs and Upgrades

Most of us will need a repair eventually. Parts die. Things get busted. Save a ton of Harley Exhausttime and frustration by letting us troubleshoot and repair your bike. We have a good selection of used parts, can get most new parts, and know how to put them on. From mirrors and grips, to air intakes and exhausts, we’re able to help you put your personal brand on your bike.


We’ll help you sell it.  Good parts, whole bikes, and other things that riders need. Let’s talk about how you can sell it.


CyclePartWe have a large assortment of new and used parts. Our suppliers can usually fill custom orders for special parts in about a day.

Contact us to ensure that you get the right part on the first try. Let our experience help you get it done.