Meet Uncle Bob

Uncle BobMeet Uncle Bob.  Bob is a “Retired” Master Technician.  Crystal River Cycles is his business.

Bob is a straight shooter who will give you his best advice.  If its going to take some time, he’ll let you know. Bob wants to help everybody, and he treats his customers fairly. He’ll go out of his way to help, and has an emergency trailer he uses to pick up bikes that can’t make it into the shop.

You might never find a better Mechanic in the world than Bob. OK, perhaps somewhere, but you’ll never find a person who will treat you as well and can do what Bob can. Come on over today and meet Bob.

Crystal River Cycles is a family owned business that has been open since October 2010. The shop repairs any type of motorcycle. Crystal RIver Cycles stocks common parts, and can usually special order specific parts for you and have them on site in about a day. Our prices are competitive with anyone in town.