Choose Your Tires Wisely

Choosing your tires makes a huge difference in how your ride performs, in all kinds of weather.

Tires are much more important on motorcycles then they are on cars. Think about this. If you have a flat on your car you can pull off the road and put on the spare. Car tires are more available than motorcycle tires. Loss of the single tire on a car is less important than a loss on a motorcycle.

The biggest things that make people want to change their tires are traction and tread wear (how long the tire lasts).


The most common mistake people make is buying too expensive a tire to begin with. Once a tire is damaged it can’t be repaired or patched. Not only is that a violation of law, but it doesn’t make sense. A motorcycle tire consists of nylon plies instead of steel and does not hold together after a patch.

The best value is usually a middle grade tire. It will provide good performance and since there is so much on the road that can damage the tire, you might as well spend the extra money on a replacement instead of an expensive tire.

It costs about $500 to replace a front and rear tire – including tires and service. Just removing the old tires and mounting and balancing new tires runs from $60 to $90 per wheel.

In many cases, tires just come down to looks. If there is a tire that looks great on your bike and you want to use it then we can almost certainly get it and install it for you.


We will install tires that you purchase. But remember if you choose to buy a tire and have us install, that if the tire has a defect or will not balanced correctly or has some other problem, we will give it back to you so you can return it. If we buy a tire for you then we will handle all those details. It will be shipped to us, and we will handle all the details of removal, mounting, and balancing your new tires.

We give you our best estimate on how long it will take to do your job and how much it will cost. Even though we strive to think of everything, sometimes problems happen that increase time and costs. We will be responsible if there are things we can control, but if they are things like changes in parts pricing or availability, it might take a bit longer or cost more than our original estimate. We will do our best to save you every dollar.