Welcome to Crystal River Cycles.

CrystalRiverCyclesLogoWe are a Motorcycle Service and Repair Shop in Crystal River, Florida. We put our skills to work to keep our customer’s motorcycles in good condition and running well.

It’s too easy to forget regular maintenance

Generic Oil FilterLike you, we would rather be out riding than working on a bike. The miles and days slip by, and pretty soon it’s time for some service work. We’ll handle that for you. Need an oil change? Bring your ride in, and while we’re doing all the basics with the precision of a master technician, we’ll look over your bike in case other things need some attention.

Tires are more important on motorcycles than on cars

Tires-CommanderIIEveryone needs them. Tires on a bike are more than twice as important as tires on a car. Lose a car tire and you’ve got three others to help. You can limp along for a while.

Lose a tire on a bike, and it’s over.

So keep your tires in good shape, and change them out before they become a problem. If you think that you might need tires in the next year, come in and talk to us. We’ll help you make the right decision. You’ll never find a master mechanic giving you free advice about your tires on the Internet!

If you need new or spare parts, we can help

We get a good selection of spare parts. When you need something that gets dinged or broken, give us a call. From clutch and brake levers, to grips, side covers, to exhausts, wheels and chrome, we have it.

And if we don’t have it, we can probably get it. Come in and find out what we’ve got.